how to fix a nail pop in the ceiling

Nail pops are unsightly and become even worse if you paint over them.

How To Fix Nail Pops In Drywall In 7 Steps

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What causes nail pops in the ceiling?

Causes of Drywall Nail Pops Modern drywall systems are largely installed with drywall screws. Drywall screws may occasionally snap off but they will never pop out. Instead, the nail pops in your ceiling and walls are caused by short drywall nails that are no longer firmly attached in the two-by-four studs.

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Are nail pops common in older homes?

1. Common Cause of Nail Pop in Older Homes. In older homes, different materials were used to secure drywall in place. There was a time when large roofing nails were used for this purpose instead of the drywall screws that are used today.

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Will nail pops keep coming back?

Not many people are aware that you cannot just cover up a nail head with some spackling compound or plaster to repair the damage. The bumps, or crescent shaped cracks, will reappear if proper preparation of the surface is not made.

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Does low humidity cause nail pops?

Temperature and Humidity Fluctuations Along with the dehydration of wooden studs, rehydration or fluctuating temperatures can also cause nail pops due to its warping of the studs.

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Should I be concerned about nail pops?

It’s most concerning if you’re starting to see nail pops everywhere, including in the ceiling, in the walls, and more. That means there’s a deep structural problem. Ideally, you want to get in contact with an expert long before this happens.

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How much does it cost to repair a nail pop?

Nail Pop Repair Nail pops happen when nails dislodge and puncture your drywall, causing holes or bumps on the drywall’s surface. You can remove the nail and repair the hole yourself, or you can hire a pro for around $60 to $200.

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Should you fix nail pops?

If you only see one or two nail pops there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for more, and not just in that area. Nail pops may just be a cosmetic problem, but they can also point to structural issues. You may need to start worrying if they keep popping up all over your house.

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Are nail pops hard to fix?

Fortunately, popped nails (also known as “nail pops”) aren’t too tough to fix and typically aren’t serious—although there are a few exceptions. Keep reading to understand the causes of nail pops, the problems they could represent, and how you can achieve perfectly smooth walls.

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What is the best way to fix nail pops?

Fill with patching compound Fill the damaged area and the holes left by the new screws with lightweight patching compound. Use a flexible putty knife to apply the compound and smooth it. Apply two or three coats, allowing each to dry completely before recoating.

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Should I worry about nail pops?

Are Nail Pops Dangerous? Many nail pop situations aren’t serious and are relatively easy home repairs. Unfortunately, nail pops can also be a sign of serious foundation issues. Don’t cover up the signs of popping nails until you have a professional inspect your drywall and foundation.

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Will nail pops get worse?

Because foundation problems typically only get worse over time, your drywall nail pops won’t get better on their own. Additionally, if these nail pops are indicative of foundation problems, you’re going to notice a lot more symptoms. This can get pretty severe over time.

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Can nail pops be prevented?

Check your positioning Make sure you check the depth of all your set screws and don’t set any too far in. The most preventable cause of nail and screw pops is a failure to push the drywall tight against the wall while anchoring it to the studs. This results in a void that can lead to the fastener popping later on.

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How common are nail pops?

It’s not entirely uncommon to have nail pops in drywall, but it’s important that you know how to deal with them. It’s true that nail pops can be a big problem. It’s concerning to see nails popping out of the ceiling or nail pops in walls. However, there’s a path to fixing them.

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