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10-Year-Old Boy From Tennessee Was Swept Into a Storm Drain and Has Since Died. His Father Said, We Are Broken-hearted


A 10-year-old boy from Tennessee was washed away in a storm drain on May 8. His father says the boy has died.
In a sad post on Facebook on May 18, Jimmy Sullivan revealed that his son Asher had died.

He said that his son had an anoxic brain injury (ABI) after the accident “because his brain didn’t get enough oxygen.” He also said that his son had suffered serious brain damage that got worse over the last 36 hours.

Sullivan, who is in charge of schools in Rutherford County, wrote, “Asher officially passed away this afternoon around 1:20 pm.”

Sullivan then went on to describe what had happened in the last 36 hours. He said, “Asher had one brain stem reflex remaining the last few days that kept him from officially being declared brain dead/deceased.”

“The doctors told us that they didn’t think that reflex would go away, but that things couldn’t get better beyond maybe moving a finger.” “That made my wife Kaycee and me have to make an impossible choice that we knew we wouldn’t make,” he said.

He also said that he and his wife had asked for “an additional MRI” on May 16 and “met with the neurologists” the next day because the results of the MRI “showed further progression of brain damage from five days earlier.”

In the time we were away, Asher’s vital signs dropped. “His heart rate and blood pressure started to fluctuate, he lost control of his body temperature, and the eye response stopped,” the father of two next said.

“Our sweet boy did what Asher always does: he put other people before himself.” Kaycee and I no longer had to make a choice that we couldn’t keep. “Instead, he made it for us while we were not there,” he said.

Sullivan also said that the doctors “performed two very in-depth tests” that he and his wife “watched 24 hours apart.”

“We really felt like we had to watch this, even though no parent should have to.” “The results confirmed what we already knew: our beloved Asher was no longer with us,” he said. “We’re sad, angry, and all the other feelings at the same time.”

Dr. Sullivan says that Asher “remains on life support” at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville while they get him ready to donate his organs.

“It’s definitely something that someone like Asher would do to keep being selfless.” In a few days, he will have an honor walk at the hospital and be honor as the hero he is!” Sullivan told him.

Sullivan shared a Facebook post earlier this month that said Asher “got caught” in a storm drain and “was swept under the neighborhood streets.” WGNS says that after he was pulled from the ditch, he was given CPR and taken to the hospital, where he was originally in stable but critical condition.

WSMV heard from a neighbor that Asher grabbed his shoe before falling into the drain.
Over the next few days, Sullivan gave daily reports on his son’s health.

The people in the area held a gathering for Asher at the RCS District Office on Thursday, May 16. The teachers and kids wore blue and green, which are Asher’s favorite colors, to the event.

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