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A 25-year Sentence Was Given to the Boyfriend of a Former Nebraska State Patrol Officer for Drug Dealing


LINCOLN, Nebraska —
The girlfriend of a former state patrol officer who was charged with taking drugs from an evidence room and selling them was given a sentence.

Fed court records show that Anna Idigima’s boyfriend, George Weaver Jr., was given a 25-year prison sentence and 8 years of post-release supervision for his part in a plot to sell five kilograms or more of cocaine and fentanyl.

Idigima had worked for the NSP for 14 years and most recently was an evidence worker. During an inspection of the NSP buildings, many drugs were found to be missing, including large amounts of cocaine and fentanyl. The NSP then found that Idigima and Weaver Jr. were in charge of the drugs that went missing.

Idigima was given a 21-year prison term.

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