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A California Man Die in Prison Who Raped and Killed a 3-Year-Old Girl and Blamed Victim’s Dad!


CNS NewsIn a somber development within the Illinois correctional system, Scott Eby, a 52-year-old inmate at Menard Correctional Center, was confirmed dead on Thursday, marking a grim end to a case that gripped the nation. Eby was serving a sentence for the heinous 2004 crime involving the sexual assault and murder of a 3-year-old girl, Riley Fox, in Wilmington, Illinois, a tragedy compounded by the wrongful accusation and subsequent incarceration of her father, Kevin Fox.

The case of Riley Fox found deceased in a creek close to her home, not only drew widespread media attention but also shed light on the devastating impact of wrongful accusations. Kevin Fox, initially charged with his daughter’s murder, endured eight months in jail, a period marked by legal battles and public scrutiny before DNA evidence exonerated him.

This revelation not only liberated Kevin but also redirected the focus of the investigation, eventually leading to Eby’s confession in 2010. Eby, at the time a registered sex offender, admitted to abducting Riley from her home, sexually assaulting her, and ultimately causing her death by drowning in a nearby creek.

His confession came six years after the crime, following renewed efforts by law enforcement and the introduction of new evidence, including DNA linking him to the crime scene and personal items recovered from the creek that pointed unmistakably to his involvement. The wrongful accusation of Kevin Fox, and his subsequent release, underscored significant flaws in the criminal justice system, particularly in the handling of high-profile cases.

A California Man Die in Prison Who Raped and Killed a 3-Year-Old Girl and Blamed Victim's Dad!

The initial conviction of Fox, based on a confession later deemed coerced, highlighted the precarious balance between the pursuit of justice and the safeguarding of individual rights. This aspect of the case led to a significant legal settlement in 2007, where Kevin and Melissa Fox were awarded $15.5 million in a civil suit against Will County, citing false arrest and malicious prosecution, though the award was later reduced to $8 million.

The death of Eby in prison brings a somber closure to a case that has lingered in the public consciousness for nearly two decades. It is a reminder of the irreversible consequences of criminal actions, the enduring scars left on the victims and their families, and the complex path to justice. Kathleen Zellner, Kevin Fox’s former attorney, reflected the sentiment of many connected to the case by expressing a hope that Eby’s death might offer “some measure of justice for Riley,” while also lamenting the tragic and untimely death of Kevin Fox earlier in the year.

The circumstances surrounding Eby’s death remain undisclosed, with the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office confirming the event but providing no further details. The lack of information from the Illinois Department of Corrections, which has yet to respond to inquiries, adds a layer of mystery to the final chapter of this distressing saga.

The case of Riley Fox, from the tragic loss of a young life to the wrongful accusation of her father and the eventual confession and conviction of the true perpetrator, is a poignant narrative of loss, injustice, redemption, and, ultimately, a search for closure.

A California Man Die in Prison Who Raped and Killed a 3-Year-Old Girl and Blamed Victim's Dad!

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It underscores the importance of diligence and integrity in the pursuit of justice, the fallibility of the legal system, and the indelible impact of such tragedies on the lives of those involved. As this chapter concludes with Eby’s death, the community, the Fox family, and all who have followed this case are left to ponder the lessons learned and the fragility of justice in a complex and imperfect world.

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