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A Officer in Virginia Dies After a Fight With a Moped Rider He Was Trying to Help Who Was Bleeding


A sheriff’s deputy in Virginia died of a medical emergency after stopping a man on a moped who was bleeding and getting angry. The man said, “People were after him and trying to kill him.”

The Charles City County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that Sgt. Floyd H. Miles, Jr. was watching traffic on Sunday around 12:30 p.m. when someone on a bike came up to his car. The person was going toward Miles when the moped fell on top of the deputy’s car.

The Facebook post says that Miles saw blood on the bike rider and asked him if he was okay. The man then told the deputy over and over that “people were after him and trying to kill him,” the social media post said.

The man was put in the back of Miles’ car, and he called 911 so that EMS could keep an eye on him more, the sheriff’s office said. When the ambulance arrived, the man was put in the back of it.

According to the sheriff’s office, Miles went back to the back of the ambulance after a while and saw the man getting angry with him. According to the police, the man hit Miles, which led to a fight between the two.

The fight caused Miles to have a “medical emergency,” so the sheriff’s office said he was rushed to the hospital. The Facebook post says that he died from his medical issue.

An online post said Miles worked for 16 years for the Charles City Place Sheriff’s Office. He was born and raised in Charles City County, which the post called “a county he truly loved.” When he got out of the army, he went to work for the sheriff’s office.

The department also said that Miles was in charge of the sheriff’s office’s Patrol and Animal Control division.

“He truly cared deeply about all people in the Commonwealth of Virginia, not just those who lived in Charles City County,” the sheriff’s office said of Miles. “He constantly excelled in his field most recently graduating from Animal Control School.”

His mother and father, his wife, his three stepsons, his brothers, his sister, and his grandson will all miss him.

The person riding the bike was taken to the hospital for more tests, the Facebook post said. The investigation is being run by the Virginia State Police.

It’s not clear if the bike rider will be charged or is just being looked into for Miles’ death.

Source: USA Today

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