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A Racist Threat of Violence is Made Against Angela Also brooks During Her Historic Run for the U.S. Senate


Angela Alsobrooks is getting ready to run for one of Maryland’s U.S. Senate seats this fall as a Democrat, but she is also going through a scary event in her home state. A racist picture was added to one of her campaign signs in the city of Laurel, and cops are now looking into it.

Alsobrooks is running for the U.S. Senate against Larry Hogan, who used to be the Republican Party’s governor of Maryland. Hogan is the former state’s attorney for Prince George’s County and the county chief.

Maryland, which tends to vote Democratic, put Alsobrooks up against Sen. David Trone, who was running against her. She easily beat Trone and became the third Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. But unknown forces are trying to slow down Alsobrooks by removing a sign.

Local news station Fox 5 DC said that the people who did this put “KKK” symbols on the sign and crosshairs on Alsobrooks’ face in the picture. The Alsobrooks campaign sent a message to the news station saying that this brazen attempt to upset Alsobrooks won’t change the team’s plans.

“This very upsetting event was brought to our attention, and Angela’s safety is our top priority.” Threats like these, though, will not stop Angela or her campaign, the statement told Fox 5 DC.

Hogan also went on X and wrote that hate crimes have no place in the state.

There should be no doubt that hate, threats of violence, and racism are always wrong. People complained that Hogan wasn’t critical enough of the act in his writing, “They have no place in Maryland.”

Alsobrooks won the Democratic primary last month and is now the favorite to be Maryland’s next U.S. senator. With a win in November, Alsobrooks will become the first Black woman from Prince George’s County to become a U.S. Senator. She will also be only the second Black woman from any state to hold a Senate spot.

The less well-known Alsobrooks went into the primary for Maryland’s Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, but she ran such a strong campaign against her opponent, Rep. David Trone, a wealthy, white, male liquor store magnate, that she beat him even though he spent more than $61 million on his campaign to beat her.

The 53-year-old will have to beat Hogan first, though, before she can make history.

Source: NewsOne

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