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A Texas Woman Who Carried CBD Gummies on A Carnival Cruise Was Banned!


In a surprising turn of events, Melinda Van Veldhuizen, a Texas woman and frequent cruiser, encountered an unexpected obstacle that led to a lifetime ban from Carnival Cruise Line. The incident occurred in August when Van Veldhuizen, a 42-year-old chiropractor and nurse practitioner, was preparing to embark on a Carnival cruise from Miami with her family.

During a routine security check, her luggage was flagged for containing a nail clipper. Upon further inspection, security personnel discovered a pack of CBD gummies in her bag. Van Veldhuizen claimed that the gummies were intended as a sleep aid and insisted that they contained no THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana.

Despite her explanations, Carnival Cruise Line enforced their strict policy against prohibited items. The discovery of the CBD gummies resulted in Van Veldhuizen receiving a lifetime ban from boarding any Carnival cruise ship.

This decision was particularly impactful for Van Veldhuizen, who had a history of frequent cruising and even enjoyed priority boarding status due to her loyalty to the cruise line. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis plants but is typically derived from hemp, a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis.

A Texas Woman Who Carried CBD Gummies on A Carnival Cruise Was Banned!

It has gained popularity for its perceived health benefits, including as a sleep aid. However, its legal status remains ambiguous in various jurisdictions, and it is often subject to strict regulations, especially in environments like cruise ships that operate under specific legal frameworks.

This incident highlights the complexities and potential consequences of carrying CBD products, even for seemingly innocuous purposes like aiding sleep. It serves as a cautionary tale for travelers to be fully aware of and comply with the regulations of transportation providers, especially in cases where the legal status of certain items might be unclear or vary between jurisdictions​​​​​​​​.

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