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Accusation of Complicity in the Greatest Known PPP Scam in Western Pennsylvania is Brought by a Man From Michigan


As a result of their involvement in the most significant Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) fraud that has ever been documented in the Western District of Pennsylvania, a citizen of Michigan entered a guilty plea to a charge of fraud conspiracy.

Under the jurisdiction of United States District Judge W. Scott Hardy, Matthew Lloyd Parker, 37 years old, entered a guilty plea on Monday, May 20.

The material that was presented in court indicates that Parker, a certified public accountant (CPA) in the city of Detroit, collaborated with other individuals who remain nameless to defraud lenders of about $14.5 million by submitting fake PPP loan applications for COVID-19 pandemic relief applications between the months of March 2020 and August 2021.

Hundreds of small firms in both Pittsburgh and Detroit were recruited by Parker, who then fabricated petitions for public-private partnership loans in their names. A total of 226 of those applications were granted approval by the Small Business Administration, which resulted in a payout of several millions of dollars.

The sentencing of Parker was slated to take place on September 17, 2024 by Judge Hardy. There is a possibility that he might receive a sentence of up to thirty years in prison, a fine of up to one million dollars, or both.

The inquiry that ultimately resulted in Parker being brought to justice was carried out by the Federal Bureau of inquiry.

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