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After 20 Minutes of Deliberation, a Man From East Texas Was Given a Life Term for Child Sex Crimes


UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas — A man from Upshur County was given life in jail for sexually assaulting two children, ages 10 and 13, in Pritchett.

According to a press release, the trial started on Tuesday. The jury heard that one of the children had been adopted by new parents after being taken away from her biological parents because they neglected her and used drugs. The abuse started two years later when her grandpa showed her pornography and then did the things she saw. This was reported by the Upshur County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

In November 2023, the child’s mother asked the victim about the abuse because she was “worried about what she heard from her father.” The victim confirmed the abuse. The office of the criminal district attorney said that when Allen Ray Reppond was arrested, a 13-year-old neighbor was asked if he had ever touched her inappropriately. The girl reportedly told her mother about it.

Reports say it took the judges less than 20 minutes to decide that the worst punishment for indecency with a child would be one life sentence and two 20-year sentences.

The office of the district attorney thanked the jury for giving the harshest sentence possible.

The criminal district attorney’s office said, “Their verdict gives us peace of mind that the innocent will be protected and those who sexually abuse children will be punished.”

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