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Alabama Amplifies Support for Domestic Violence Victims: A Closer Look at The Impact of Gov. Ivey’s $2.5 Million Grant!


In a landmark decision, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has earmarked a $2.5 million grant to fortify the state’s efforts against domestic violence. This funding, crucial in supporting victims, is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of local agencies actively engaged in this fight. Two organizations, 2nd Chance, Inc., and King’s Home, stand out in their dedicated efforts to utilize these funds effectively.

A Beacon of Hope in Calhoun, Cleburne, Etowah, and Talladega Counties

2nd Chance, Inc., based in Anniston, plays a pivotal role in supporting victims across Calhoun, Cleburne, Etowah, and Talladega counties. In 2022 alone, these counties reported a staggering 1,330 domestic violence cases.

The organization’s approach is direct and practical: using the funds for essential needs like security and utility deposits and providing rental assistance for about three months. This immediate support is vital for victims actively fleeing dangerous situations, offering them a chance to find a safe home and begin rebuilding their lives.

King’s Home: Sustained Support for Long-Term Recovery

In Jefferson and Shelby counties, King’s Home has been a consistent source of support for victims, a commitment underscored by this being their fifth receipt of such grant funding. Last year, these counties reported 4,017 cases of domestic violence.

The organization’s president, Lew Burdette, emphasizes that the funding will significantly aid in covering operating costs. This support extends up to two years and includes comprehensive services such as food, medication, transportation, employment assistance, and daycare, crucial for women emerging from domestic violence situations.

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Heightened Need During the Holidays

Valerie Ward, the ESG case manager at 2nd Chance, and Krychelle Smith, the executive director, highlight an important yet distressing trend: the rise in domestic violence cases during the holiday season.

Alabama Amplifies Support for Domestic Violence Victims: A Closer Look at The Impact of Gov. Ivey's $2.5 Million Grant!

This period, often marked by increased family time and various stressors, including financial strains, sees a notable uptick in such incidents. The funds from Governor Ivey are thus timely, addressing the heightened demand for services during these challenging times.

A Call for Action and Awareness

These efforts are part of a broader call to action and awareness. Victims of domestic violence in Alabama are urged to seek help and can do so by contacting the Alabama domestic violence hotline at 1-800-650-6522. This line serves as a crucial lifeline, offering immediate assistance and guiding victims toward the support they desperately need.

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Governor Ivey’s grant is more than a monetary contribution; it represents a profound commitment to safeguarding the vulnerable and a clear message that Alabama stands firm against domestic violence. Through the targeted use of these funds, organizations like 2nd Chance, Inc., and King’s Home are not just offering temporary relief but are part of a sustainable solution, aiding in the long journey of recovery and empowerment for those affected by domestic violence.

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