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Alberto, the Season’s First Named Tropical Storm, Brings Rain to Texas and Mexico, Where Three People Have Died


Mexico City, Tampico: As the first named storm of the season, Tropical Storm Alberto rumbled toward northeast Mexico early Thursday morning. It brought heavy rains that killed three people and gave hope to an area that has been suffering from a long, severe drought.

The Mexican government dismissed Alberto’s threat and instead put their hopes on its ability to bring more water to a dry area.

At a news conference late Wednesday night, Raúl Quiroga Álvarez, the state secretary of hydrological resources for Tamaulipas, said, “The wind speeds are not such that to consider it a risk.” Instead, he told them to be happy when they meet Alberto. “This is what we’ve been fighting for eight years in all of Tamaulipas.”

A terrible drought has hit a lot of Mexico, but northern Mexico has been hit the hardest. Quiroga said that the state’s aquifers were low and that Mexico owed the US a huge amount of water because they shared the Rio Grande.

Source: AP 

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