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Alleged Machete Attacks Tied to Sham Mexico Tour Agency Unveiled in Investigation


Authorities have apprehended six individuals believed to be involved in a drug-related criminal organization in the popular tourist destination of Cancun. It is alleged that these individuals were responsible for the brutal murders of five individuals, carried out using a machete, and the disposal of three other victims in an undignified manner.

The gang, according to prosecutors, was shielded by a network of motorcycle taxis and minors who served as lookouts. It is alleged that the gang was involved in extortion as well.

Authorities have recently made a significant announcement regarding the arrest of 23 individuals. These individuals are facing charges for allegedly running a fraudulent tour agency, which was allegedly being used as a front for drug sales in Cancun.

The suspects ran a call center where they promised sports equipment and tour packages to tourists, but ultimately failed to fulfill their promises. On the second floor, there was a highly intricate operation involving phone transactions and motorcycle deliveries, allegedly related to drug deals.

Cancun Arrest: Social Media Drug Scheme Bust

Mexican soldiers walk outside the Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo state, Mexico, on November 4, 2021, after a shooting. – A shooting involving rival gangs on a beach near Mexico’s Caribbean resort of Cancun left two suspected drug dealers dead on Thursday, prosecutors said, sparking panic among foreign tourists.

Yet another individual has been apprehended in Cancun for their involvement in a series of illicit activities. It is alleged that this person utilized social media platforms to place drug orders, which were conveniently delivered to them through express package services.

Furthermore, they are accused of engaging in the sale of these substances through social media, even offering the convenience of home delivery.

New information emerged on Monday regarding the tragic incident that occurred last week in Tulum, Mexico. It has been confirmed by prosecutors that an American woman and a man from Belize were fatally shot in what seems to be a dispute between drug dealers at a beach club in the popular resort city, located south of Cancun.

Prosecutors in Quintana Roo emphasized that the American woman had no affiliation with the alleged drug dealer who was also fatally shot on Friday night. The woman seemed to have been unintentionally caught in the middle of the situation.

According to prosecutors, the deceased individual was found with cocaine and pills at the time of his death, leading them to believe he was involved in drug distribution. It has been reported that the authorities have identified the suspects involved in the shootings and are currently searching for them.

The availability of drugs in Mexico’s Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo can be quite surprising at times.Last year, a number of pharmacies at Caribbean coast resorts were closed down by authorities.

This action came after a research report raised concerns about drug stores in Mexico selling pills to foreigners without prescriptions, falsely claiming they were Oxycodone, Percocet, and Adderall.

In the past, unfortunate incidents have occurred where foreign tourists lost their lives due to being caught in shootouts involving drug gangs in what was once a peaceful beach resort.

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