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As the Suspect Runs Away in a Stolen Dodge Charger, It Crashes Into Something Familiar


A suspect driving a stolen Dodge Charger Scat Pack got into a fight with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and crashed while trying to escape. There is a strange turn at the end, though, that made us laugh a little.

The chase and crash happened on the afternoon of May 31. Police were able to catch the driver who was wanted for assault with a dangerous weapon. Violent people often don’t behave well when the cops try to arrest them, and this guy was no different.

It started with a chase on the interstate. The suspect took advantage of the wide-open road by speeding up his Mopar muscle car very quickly. However, his moves could be safely tracked from above by a helicopter, which told police on the ground where to go.

Ultimately, it wasn’t the cops who caught this suspect on the run; it was the suspect himself. He crashed the Dodge and ran away on foot, but police caught him and put him in jail.

WCNC took a video of the scene of the accident that shows the Dodge Charger Scat Pack that the suspect was driving. We can only guess that the crash caused heavy damage to the front end. That’s enough to damage the car, which is why he left and ran away on foot.

Interestingly, there is a second Dodge Charger Scat Pack nearby. It has damage to the back end. We’re not sure if the suspect didn’t also crash into another Scat Pack. How likely is it? In Charlotte, it’s likely pretty high.

This chase shows how important it is to keep an eye on the sky, especially when police are chasing a suspect in a car that is much faster and stronger than their patrol cars. When that is paired with the radio, it can be unbeatable.

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