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Aurora Man Sues Colorado Ped Patrol for False Accusation of Child Exploitation!


Juleon Duran, a 27-year-old from Aurora, Colorado, has launched a legal battle against the Colorado Ped Patrol and its founder, Thomas Fellows, for false accusations of child exploitation. This lawsuit highlights the dangers of vigilante justice and its impact on individuals.

Duran, once a supporter and donor to Colorado Ped Patrol, faced a drastic turn of events when he was accused and arrested for child exploitation. The organization, known for its online livestreams targeting alleged pedophiles, is now under scrutiny.

Allegations of Misrepresentation

The Colorado Ped Patrol, which claims to work alongside law enforcement, was previously reported for falsely representing itself as a nonprofit organization. Duran’s lawsuit alleges that despite his donations, the organization failed to provide tax-deductible receipts, reflecting a lack of compliance with laws governing nonprofit entities.

Duran’s interactions on an adult dating site led to an arranged meeting with a couple. This meeting escalated when Fellows confronted Duran, accusing him of exploiting underage girls. Duran, who has a disability affecting his social interactions, found himself unable to defuse the situation.

Police Involvement and Aftermath

Westminster Police arrested Duran based on Fellows’ evidence, which included explicit text messages linked to an unassociated phone number. Despite being released without charges, the damage was done. A video of the arrest posted online, led to Duran losing his job and facing public vilification.

Duran expresses fear for his safety, citing stalking and threats from Fellows’ followers. When questioned, Fellows dismissively addressed the lawsuit, reflecting a cavalier attitude towards the serious allegations.

Aurora Man Sues Colorado Ped Patrol for False Accusation of Child Exploitation!


This case serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of vigilante actions and the importance of legal due process. Duran’s lawsuit not only seeks justice for his own case but also aims to highlight the potential harms of such unregulated actions.

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