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Austin Redefines the Workplace with Exciting Work-from-Home Opportunities!


As part of its post-pandemic “return to office” plan, the city of Austin wants most of its workers to have to work from the office half the time starting January 1. In a note sent to city workers on Friday, Interim City Manager Jesús Garza explained that the project is meant to show how dedicated the city is to public service.

It will also help people work together and build teams in person, Garza wrote. “When I told everyone in the city about the new standard, I know that people were worried about having to change their schedules again.”

A lot of people thought the city was giving them something new, and some people felt like they were losing it, Garza wrote. “But at the heart of our organization is our ability to serve the public and be available for those needing city services.”

Austin Redefines the Workplace with Exciting WFH Opportunities!

Most workers will be able to work from home 50% of the workdays over the next two weeks thanks to the new in-person work standard. According to the letter, executives must be in the office five days a week. This includes directors and other executive-level jobs.

A lot of people who work at airports, in public works, utilities, and public safety have to be on-site five days a week. IT workers, people who work in call centers, and engineers may be able to work from home 80% to 100% of the time, based on what other departments need.

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Austin Redefines the Workplace with Exciting WFH Opportunities!

The employees can ask to be free from the new rules. Garza also said in the memo that the new work rules will help the city reach its goal of having 15% of Austin residents work from home by 2039, which it had already surpassed.

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