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Ban on Gender Transition Procedures for Children Signed into Law by Ohio Governor!


CNS NewsOhio Governor Mike DeWine has enacted a significant policy shift with an executive order that bans transition-related surgeries for minors in the state. This move comes shortly after DeWine vetoed a broader bill that sought to prohibit all gender-affirming care for minors, including puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

The executive order positions Ohio as the second state, following Arizona’s lead in 2022, to specifically outlaw transition-related surgeries for minors. This policy aligns with the broader trend observed since 2021, where over 20 states have introduced laws restricting transgender healthcare for minors.

However, legal challenges have emerged, with judges in states like Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Idaho, and Indiana issuing temporary blocks against such restrictions. Despite the ban on surgeries, major medical associations, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychological Association, continue to support access to gender-affirming care for minors.

They oppose state bans, citing the importance of such care for the well-being of transgender youth. It’s noteworthy that surgery for minors is rare and usually not recommended under the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s standards of care, with genital surgeries not available to minors at all.

Ban on Gender Transition Procedures for Children Signed into Law by Ohio Governor!

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DeWine’s decision reflects a nuanced approach to the contentious issue of transgender healthcare. While vetoing the broader ban, he expressed his belief that parents, not the government, should make critical decisions regarding their children’s health. However, he also raised concerns about “fly-by-night” clinics providing hormone therapy to transgender adults without adequate psychiatric care.

In response, DeWine announced new administrative rules for transition-related care for both minors and adults. These rules, to be adopted and enforced by the Ohio Department of Health and Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, emphasize the need for a multidisciplinary team of health providers, informed consent, and a period of psychological counseling before receiving hormone therapy or other treatments for gender dysphoria.

This development in Ohio highlights the ongoing debate over transgender healthcare, particularly for minors. As states navigate this complex issue, the balance between parental rights, medical ethics, and legislative actions continues to be a focal point of discussion. With the Ohio General Assembly poised to potentially override the governor’s veto, the future of transgender healthcare in Ohio remains a subject of intense scrutiny and debate.

Ban on Gender Transition Procedures for Children Signed into Law by Ohio Governor!

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