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Bellevue Wins Washington State Champion with Florida 2026 Rb Max Jones’ Help!


In a remarkable display of athleticism and skill, Max Jones, the Class of 2026 tailback, has made a significant impact on the high school football scene following his move from Palm Beach, Florida, to Washington State. Joining Bellevue High School’s team, Jones immediately became a vital component of their offensive strategy, leading them to an impressive 3A state championship victory.

At 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 201 pounds, Jones has demonstrated exceptional prowess on the field. In Bellevue High School’s dynamic scheme, he amassed an impressive 1,133 rushing yards along with 18 touchdowns. His performance not only played a pivotal role in securing the state championship for the Wolverines but also caught the attention of numerous college football programs.

Jones’s running style is both aggressive and efficient. He is known for his ability to make decisive moves, putting his foot down and accelerating rapidly. In an interview, Jones himself described his approach to the game, saying, “I am running as hard as I can, I am aggressive, and I do whatever it takes.”

Bellevue High School’s strategy for utilizing Jones’s talents was meticulously planned. Operating primarily with a Wing T formation, most of Jones’s runs were directed up the middle, exploiting the six to seven holes in the opposition’s defense. While the team did employ some outside runs, Jones’s strength lay in hard, direct, up-the-middle plays.

Jones’s breakout moment came during a crucial juncture in the season. Following consecutive losses against Central Catholic and Lake Stevens, Jones took charge in the third game, propelling Bellevue on a winning streak of 11 consecutive games. He highlighted his performance against Liberty as his best, where, as a starter replacement, he achieved a staggering 268 rushing yards and three touchdowns from just 16 carries.

Reflecting on the differences in football culture and play between Florida and Washington, Jones noted the more aggressive nature and speed of Florida players, attributing it to the state’s reputation as a hot spot for football talent. Beyond football, Jones is a multi-sport athlete.

He ran track the previous year, participating in the 100 and 200-meter events, and has recently taken up lacrosse to maintain his fitness, despite it being a new sport for him. Jones’s off-season is focused on further developing his skills on the football field. He emphasizes lifting to gain strength, improving speed and agility, and refining his footwork.

Bellevue Wolverines Win Washington State Football Championship with Florida 2026 Rb Max Jones’ Help!

This dedication to enhancing his physical abilities and technique is a testament to his commitment to the sport and his team. Max Jones’s journey from Florida to Washington and his subsequent rise in high school football underscores his exceptional talent and determination. As he continues to develop his skills and competes in multiple sports, Jones is undoubtedly a young athlete to watch in the coming years.

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