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Biden Administration Pledges Millions in Wildfire Fighting Funds for California!


In an effort to bolster California’s capacity to combat increasing wildfire threats, the Biden Administration, through the Department of the Interior, has committed over $12.2 million, drawn from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This funding is a segment of a larger $468 million budget allocated for fiscal year 2023, dedicated to enhancing wildfire resilience and fuel management across 27,669 acres in California.

This initiative is a component of the administration’s wider strategy to address the intensified and prolonged wildfire seasons. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, integral to President Biden’s Investing in America plan, plays a key role in providing strategic solutions for managing and mitigating wildland fires.

Secretary Deb Haaland emphasized the necessity of this investment in light of the increasingly prolonged and hazardous wildfire seasons, supporting strategic fire management, firefighter support, and essential equipment and preparedness methods.

Biden Administration Pledges Millions in Wildfire Fighting Funds for California!

Of the $1.5 billion allocated to the Department over five years, the focus areas include preparedness, fuel management, post-fire restoration, and fire science. The $12.2 million specifically for California underscores the commitment to aiding communities at risk from wildland fires.

A portion of this funding is directed towards the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Coastal Program, aiming to foster partnerships with private landowners. Projects under this initiative are expected to reduce unwanted vegetation on about 94,000 acres and along 144 linear miles of crucial energy infrastructure, enhancing fish and wildlife habitats and protecting endangered species, while providing customized solutions for landowners.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law also introduces significant reforms for federal wildland firefighters, including temporary pay raises, new mental health and wellness programs, and a new job series for these firefighters. Additionally, it establishes the Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission, which is responsible for recommending improvements to federal policies on wildland fire mitigation, suppression, and management.

Biden Administration Pledges Millions in Wildfire Fighting Funds for California!

The Department’s Five-year Monitoring, Maintenance, and Treatment Plan, in alignment with the USDA Forest Service’s 10-year Wildfire Crisis Strategy, form a comprehensive approach to mitigate wildfire risks and enhance community resilience​.

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