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Bill that Lowers the Age to Buy Guns from 21 to 18 Moves Forward in The Florida Legislature!


CNS NewsThe Florida Legislature is poised to ignite fresh debate over gun control policies as lawmakers push forward with a bill aimed at lowering the minimum age for firearm purchases from 21 to 18. House Bill 1223, co-sponsored by Representative Bobby Payne and Representative Tyler Sirois, cleared a significant hurdle after garnering favor from the House Judiciary Committee in a 15-6 vote.

If enacted into law, HB 1223 would represent a significant reversal of prior gun control measures implemented in the wake of the 2018 Parkland massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Proponents argue that the bill aligns with constitutional rights and promotes individual autonomy, echoing sentiments echoed by gun rights advocates nationwide.

However, critics warn of the potential ramifications of such legislation, citing concerns over public safety and the exacerbation of gun violence among young adults. The contentious nature of the bill underscores deep-seated divisions within the Florida Legislature and broader society regarding the appropriate balance between Second Amendment rights and public safety.

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As HB 1223 advances to the full House for further deliberation, stakeholders on both sides of the debate remain steadfast in their convictions, setting the stage for heated discourse and legislative showdowns in the days ahead.

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