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California Surfer Survives Harrowing Encounter with Aggressive Shark


Officials say that a surfer in California recently survived a terrifying meeting with a shark that was acting “aggressively.”

After what happened on Sunday near T-Street Beach in San Clemente, California, the city shut down the beach “due to confirmed aggressive shark behavior.”

“The beaches will remain open, but water access will remain closed until 8 p.m. Monday, pending no additional shark sightings,” the city said in a note.

Evan Garcia, the surfer, showed FOX 11 the bite mark on his surfboard, which was almost a foot across.

He said that while he was in the water, a young shark about four to six feet long knocked him off his board.

Garcia told the news source that he told a lifeguard about what happened and showed the lifeguard the surfboard. Officials told everyone to get out of the water after checking the bite mark with a shark expert.

“I knew it was a shark as soon as that thing hit me from below.” There are people who have been hurt by sharks. “I’m so thankful that it only hit my board,” Garcia told FOX 11.

At this point, no other information about what happened is known.

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