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Unexpected Snowfall in Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado, Family rescued successfully


A family from Chicago was found and saved last week after getting lost on a walk in southern Colorado.

The five-person family—three adults and two children—went hiking on Greenhorn Mountain in the morning of November 22. The Pueblo County sheriff’s office says that unexpected snow, the high elevation, and the fact that the family had never been mountain climbing slowed them down as they got closer to the top by evening.

“Realising they still had quite a long way to go with no food and inadequate clothing for dropping temperatures,” the family called 911, according to the sheriff’s office.

Officials say that a search-and-rescue team was flown to the north peak of the mountain, where they found the family and gave them food and clothes.

The sheriff’s office said, “Everyone arrived safely down the mountain and were reunited with family members who did not go on the hike.” The family also said they followed proper outdoor survival steps, such as calling 911 “before it became a life-threatening emergency.”

As per the U.S. Forest Service, Greenhorn Trail is almost 8 miles long and goes up about 3,880 feet in elevation.

The sheriff’s office said, “We remind hikers and anyone else going on trails or in the mountains to be ready and know the conditions and their abilities before going out. This is especially important this time of year when conditions can change quickly and the sun goes down earlier.”

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