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Chris Christie Is on The Verge of Skipping the Upcoming Debate!


Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey, finds himself on the edge of a significant political setback. As the deadline approaches for the next Republican debate in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Christie has yet to meet the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) polling thresholds for participation. According to RNC rules, a candidate must achieve at least 6% in specific polls.

Currently, Christie’s polling numbers fall short of this requirement. Despite having two qualifying polls in New Hampshire where he reached or exceeded 6%, these are insufficient as they are from the same state. The requirement necessitates Either two national surveys or one national survey plus polls from two different early nominating states.

Christie’s national polling average, as per RealClearPolitics, stands at a mere 2.2%, significantly lower than the required 6%. His performance in Iowa and South Carolina polls are also below the threshold, at 4% and 3% respectively. The Christie campaign, however, remains optimistic.

They cite polls that do not align with the RNC’s criteria and claim that Christie has surpassed the 80,000-donor mark, suggesting a strong possibility of him making it to the debate stage. They are scheduling his activities with the expectation of his participation in the Tuscaloosa debate.

Nevertheless, failing to appear on the debate stage could Lead To severe consequences for Christie’s campaign. It would mark him as the only major candidate potentially excluded, raising questions about his viability. His previous statement that candidates who fail to make the debate stage should withdraw from the race adds to the pressure.

Christie’s third-place position in New Hampshire GOP primary voter polls, despite recent gains, still places him significantly behind Nikki Haley and Donald Trump. To bolster his chances, the “Tell It Like It Is PAC,” a super PAC supporting Christie, has initiated a national cable advertising campaign, investing around $342,000 across various channels.

Chris Christie Is on The Verge of Skipping the Upcoming Debate!

This move aims to increase his poll numbers before the debate deadline. Despite these efforts, Christie’s campaign faces challenges with two national polls they reference. One, conducted by YouGov and The Liberal Patriot, shows Christie at 6%, but it mostly predates the RNC’s stipulated timeframe for eligible polls.

Another poll, backed by FairVote, is potentially disqualified due to its association with a polling firm working for a super PAC supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Chris Christie’s candidacy is at a crucial juncture. His campaign’s confidence contrasts sharply with his current polling standings and the strict criteria set by the RNC.

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