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Crenshaw Blasts Republican Holdouts: ‘Border Deal Opposition is Pure Foolishness!


CNS NewsIn a notable divergence from the stance of leading House Republicans, Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas has voiced his concerns over the premature opposition within his party to a proposed Senate deal aimed at reforming border and migration policies alongside providing aid to Ukraine. Crenshaw’s critique targets the rush to judgment by some GOP members before the bill’s contents have been fully disclosed, emphasizing the irrationality of forming strong opinions on an unseen proposal.

“The height of stupidity is having a strong opinion on something you know nothing about,” Crenshaw remarked, highlighting his reservation to pass judgment on the bill without having reviewed its specifics. This perspective starkly contrasts with the position of House Speaker Mike Johnson and others who have declared the deal as “dead on arrival,” based on speculative reports of its contents.

Crenshaw expressed disappointment in the tactics employed by certain factions within the party to derail what he sees as a crucial piece of legislation for border reform—a key issue that many Republicans campaigned on. He argues that sabotaging a bill that could potentially reduce illegal immigration significantly would betray the promises made to voters and constitute a dereliction of duty.

A contentious aspect of the deal involves the provision for new executive powers to shut down the border in emergencies, triggered by a threshold of 5,000 crossings per day. This provision has been a focal point of misunderstanding and misinformation, with some conservatives interpreting it as an endorsement of 5,000 daily illegal crossings.

However, Senator James Lankford, a Republican negotiator of the deal, has refuted such claims, labeling them as misinformation. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that the details of the Senate border deal would be made public before the end of the week, which should clarify the debated points and provide a basis for informed discussion.

Furthermore, Crenshaw suggested that political motives might underlie the opposition to the bill, with some fearing that securing the border could inadvertently benefit President Biden. Despite this, Crenshaw reaffirms his commitment to border security, dismissing the idea of opposing the bill for partisan reasons.

Crenshaw Blasts Republican Holdouts: 'Border Deal Opposition is Pure Foolishness!

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Former President Trump’s influence looms large over the discourse, with his call to Republicans to reject any deal that falls short of perfection on border security. Crenshaw, however, urged for a pragmatic approach, emphasizing the need to evaluate the bill on its merits rather than getting embroiled in political drama.

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