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Davis and McClinton Try to Get Black People to Vote for Biden and Tell Them About Trump’s Attacks on Personal Freedoms


On Wednesday, President Joe Biden told Black people in Philadelphia that “all progress, all freedom, all opportunities are at risk” if former President Donald Trump gets a second term.

They said the same thing less than 24 hours later when they started Black-Pennsylvanians for Biden-Harris on Thursday. They were joined by Lt. Gov. Austin Davis and House Speaker Joanna McClinton.

“We’ve already seen a lot of rights taken away,” McClinton told reporters. “We don’t want many other groups, including the black community here in the U.S., to have to keep suffering and hiding. We want to go back to a time and place where love could not win and where you couldn’t say what you wanted to say.” That’s not going to happen. We’re not going to stand by.”

Biden was in Philadelphia on Wednesday talking about what he did during his first term and how it helped Black Americans. More than 5 million Americans will have their $165 billion student loans forgiven, the price of insulin for seniors will be capped at $35, and the jobless rate for Black people will be the lowest it has been in 20 years.

Biden also gave a very angry speech in which he blamed Trump and his supporters for removing Black history and banning books.

“extremists in MGA banned books,” Biden said. “Did you ever think that if you had someone over 30 years old, we’d have a time when we banned books in the US?” They want to get rid of Black past. It’s American history, so we’re going to write Black history.

The same worries were voiced by Kenneth Allen, a former professional engineer who lives in Philadelphia. Allen said that the attacks on LGBTQ children by Republicans and the banning of books were both steps toward taking away basic freedoms.

Allen said in a speech before Biden’s that he was worried about the freedoms we have in this country.

“Some of the things I’ve seen about banning books and sexual orientation are making me nervous.” These are all things that worry me. The rights that we all fought for are being slowly taken away.

Lancaster and York county school boards are working together with groups that are against LGBTQ people. These groups are discriminating against LGBTQ kids and trying to get book bans across the state.

Even though these things are happening in the commonwealth’s suburbs and rural areas, both Davis and McClinton were worried that they might spread to nearby towns.

Davis said, “I think when you see people coming for a certain group’s freedoms, it may not be in your backyard right now, but it might be tomorrow.”

“I think people who voted are worried that since things like book bans are spreading to nearby towns, it might happen in their own.”

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