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Democratic Senate Candidate Colin Allred Earns $4.8 Million in The Fourth Quarter of 2023!


CNS NewsIn a notable development in the political landscape, Democratic candidate Colin Allred has raised a significant $4.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2023 for his U.S. Senate campaign. Representing Dallas in Congress, Allred’s fundraising efforts have positioned him as a strong contender in the race against incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

Entering 2024 with a robust $10 million in cash, Allred’s campaign finances are a testament to his growing support base. This latest financial achievement was initially shared with The Texas Tribune, showcasing the momentum building around his campaign. Among the Democrats vying for the nomination, Allred has emerged as the fundraising frontrunner, outpacing his primary rivals considerably.

Allred’s primary competition includes figures like state Sen. Roland Gutierrez of San Antonio, state Rep. Carl Sherman of DeSoto, and Mark Gonzalez, the former district attorney of Nueces County. However, their fundraising figures for the same period remain undisclosed.

Senator Cruz, running for a third term, reported a $5.5 million raise in the last quarter across three political committees, highlighting a different fundraising strategy from Allred’s. Allred’s campaign emphasizes grassroots support, with over 200,000 donors contributing an average of $31.62 per donation, 94% of which were under $100.

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Focusing his campaign efforts directly against Cruz, Allred has been less engaged with his primary opponents. His campaign manager, Paige Hutchinson, expressed gratitude to the grassroots supporters and affirmed Allred’s readiness to take on Cruz. Comparatively, Allred’s fourth-quarter earnings slightly exceeded his third-quarter figures, where he raised $4.7 million. This amount far surpassed Gutierrez’s third-quarter collection of $632,000.

Allred’s fundraising prowess also eclipsed Cruz’s direct campaign account contributions, which stood at $3.1 million in the third quarter. Cruz’s $5.5 million raised last week, as reported by Fox News, was accumulated across three separate accounts, including his campaign committee, a joint fundraising committee, and a leadership PAC.

Democratic Senate Candidate Colin Allred Earns $4.8 Million in The Fourth Quarter of 2023!

These accounts concluded the fourth quarter with over $7.3 million cash on hand. As the Jan. 31 deadline for full fourth-quarter financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission approaches, Allred’s fundraising achievements mark him as a significant contender in the upcoming elections.

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