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DeSantis Praises Removal of “Toxic” DEI as the University of Florida Quits DEI Posting!


CNS NewsThe University of Florida has garnered attention following its decision to terminate all diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) positions in compliance with a recent state law. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who championed the legislation restricting the use of state or federal funds for DEI programs, praised the university’s actions as a positive step towards eliminating what he described as “toxic” initiatives.

In response to the new state law enforced by the Florida Board of Education, the University of Florida announced the closure of the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer and the elimination of all DEI-related positions and administrative appointments. This move aligns with the law’s stringent guidelines on the use of public funds for programs perceived to categorize individuals based on race or sex.

Additionally, contracts with third-party vendors focusing on DEI initiatives have been terminated, signaling a significant restructuring within the institution. Employees affected by the terminations will receive standard severance packages, with the university encouraging them to explore alternative employment opportunities within its framework.

In a strategic reallocation of funds, approximately $5 million previously allocated for DEI expenses will be redirected toward a faculty retirement fund. Despite these changes, university officials reaffirmed their commitment to universal human dignity and fostering an inclusive academic environment.

DeSantis Praises Removal of "Toxic" DEI as University of Florida Quits DEI Posting!

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The decision by the University of Florida reflects a broader trend initiated by Governor DeSantis, who signed a law last year prohibiting public colleges from utilizing tax dollars to support DEI initiatives. DeSantis expressed his approval of the university’s actions, echoing sentiments that DEI programs are incompatible with the objectives of public universities.

While the university’s decision has garnered support from conservative circles, critics argue that such measures threaten educational diversity and academic freedom. The move underscores the ongoing debate surrounding DEI initiatives in higher education and the role of government in regulating them.

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