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Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon!


Oregon, a state renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant culture, is home to some cities that have been highlighted for their higher crime rates. In 2022, based on FBI crime data, five cities stood out for their rates of violent and property crimes per 100,000 people. This article delves into the unique aspects of each of these cities, balancing their challenges with their attractions, and looking at the state’s efforts to enhance safety.

City Population Violent Crime Rate Property Crime Rate
Ontario 11,638 842 6,006
Portland 664,350 538 5,783
Coos Bay 16,182 507 5,897
Medford 82,347 494 5,583
Salem 173,442 445 5,223

1. Ontario: A Gateway with Challenges

Ontario, a small town of approximately 11,000 residents in Malheur County, lies along the Snake River near the Idaho border. Despite its size, Ontario has faced challenges with crime. However, its rich agricultural heritage and diverse community offer numerous outdoor activities. Attractions like the Four Rivers Cultural Center and the Ontario Library District showcase its cultural richness.

2. Portland: Vibrancy Amidst Risks

Portland, Oregon’s largest city with a population of around 660,000, is celebrated for its progressive culture and rich history. Situated where the Willamette meets the Columbia River, it’s known for its culinary scene and historic sites. While grappling with higher crime rates, Portland continues to draw visitors to landmarks like the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and Powell’s City of Books.

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon!

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3. Coos Bay: A Coastal City with a Rough Edge

Coos Bay, home to about 16,000 people, is where the Coos River meets the Pacific Ocean. An important city with a significant port, Coos Bay offers access to the stunning Oregon Coast. Despite safety concerns, attractions like Shore Acres State Park and the Egyptian Theater highlight its coastal charm.

4. Medford: Vineyards and Vulnerabilities

In Jackson County lies Medford, a city of around 85,000 near Bear Creek in the Rogue Valley. Known for its wine industry, particularly Pinot Noir, Medford presents a mix of urban and natural attractions. Places like the Rogue Ales & Spirits Distillery and nearby Crater Lake National Park contrast with their crime statistics.

5. Salem: Historic Capital with Modern Challenges

Salem, the state’s capital, houses about 175,000 residents. Established for its fertile farmland, it became a political center in 1851. While it faces safety issues, Salem’s rich history is evident in locations like Willamette University and the Oregon State Capitol.

Mitigating Risks: Oregon’s Proactive Approach

Oregon’s approach to tackling social issues, including drug abuse and natural hazards, is proactive. The legalization of small amounts of drugs for personal use aims to address underlying social problems. Additionally, the state’s natural hazards mitigation plan focuses on reducing risks from environmental threats.

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon!

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According to FBI crime statistics, the five most dangerous cities in Oregon in 2022 were Ontario, Portland, Coos Bay, Medford, and Salem. These cities had the highest rates of violent and property crimes per 100,000 people in the state.

It’s important to remember, though, that crime numbers don’t say anything about the state or its people. Oregon is a lovely state with many different types of landscapes, a rich history, and friendly people. It’s a nice place to live or visit because it has many nice features and activities.

Also, work is being done to make Oregon safer and lower crime rates. As an example, the state has made it legal for people to use small amounts of all drugs for personal use. This is meant to help with social problems that are linked to drug abuse. Oregon has a plan in place to reduce the risks of natural disasters like floods, rockslides, earthquakes, tidal waves, bluff erosion, and forest fires.

To sum up, it’s important not to judge Oregon based on its crime rates alone. We should instead focus on the good things about it and back ongoing efforts to make the world a safer and better place for everyone.

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