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Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Harford County, Maryland!


Harford County, nestled in northeastern Maryland, presents a contrast of scenic beauty and pockets of elevated crime. Despite its overall lower rates of violent crime compared to state and national figures, the county struggles with a relatively high incidence of property crime. These variations in safety are particularly pronounced across different neighborhoods, underscoring the importance of location-specific awareness​​.

How Does This County Compare to Other Counties?

Regarding the comparison of Harford County with other counties, it’s noted that Harford County has a lower incidence of violent crime than both the Maryland state and national averages. In contrast, it exhibits a higher rate of property crime compared to these averages. Additionally, when compared to counties of similar population sizes, Harford County emerges as a safer locale concerning both violent and property crimes​​.

Neighborhood Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)
Edgewood 42.7
Aberdeen 44.2
Havre de Grace 45.5
Joppatowne 46.9
Bel Air 48.2

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Top 5 High-Risk Neighborhoods

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Harford County, Maryland!

  • Edgewood: This southern Harford County census-designated place, housing about 26,000 residents, is home to the Aberdeen Proving Ground. It faces a crime rate of 42.7 per 1,000 people, significantly higher than the county average​.
  • Aberdeen: As Harford County’s largest municipality, Aberdeen has about 16,000 residents and a crime rate of 44.2 per 1,000, which is nearly double the county average​.
  • Havre de Grace: Located where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay, Havre de Grace has a population of approximately 14,000 and a crime rate of 45.5 per 1,000, more than double the county average​.
  • Joppatowne: This southeastern region census-designated place, developed as a planned community, has around 12,000 residents. Its crime rate stands at 46.9 per 1,000, again surpassing the county’s average rate significantly​.
  • Bel Air: The county seat and central commercial hub with about 10,000 residents, Bel Air experiences a crime rate of 48.2 per 1,000, which is more than double the county’s average​.

Some Safest Neighborhoods in Harford County

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Harford County, Maryland!

While certain areas in Harford County demonstrate heightened risk, others stand out for their safety. Neighborhoods like West End, with a crime rate of just 9.8 per 1,000, exemplify lower crime rates and community engagement. Similarly, Blue Hills, South West, Downtown, Sheldon Charter Oak, South End, and Asylum Hill also offer safer environments, combining lower crime rates with appealing amenities and attractions​.

Neighborhood Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) Amenities and Attractions
West End 9.8 Historic homes, cultural diversity, civic engagement
Blue Hills 14.6 Parks, museums, restaurants, schools
South West 15.3 Parks, museums, restaurants, schools
Downtown 16.4 Historic buildings, shopping, dining, entertainment
Sheldon Charter Oak 17.2 Historic landmarks, cultural events, community gardens
South End 18.7 Parks, museums, restaurants, schools
Asylum Hill 19.9 Historic mansions, cultural institutions, community organizations

The rate of crime in these places is lower than the county average, at 14.6 to 19.9 per 1,000 people. They also have a lot of different services and things to do, like parks, museums, shops, schools, and more.

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Despite the challenges faced by the most dangerous neighborhoods, Harford County’s overall diversity and scenic charm remain undiminished. Awareness of these high-risk areas enables residents and visitors to make informed decisions regarding their living, working, and travel choices, emphasizing the importance of safety and vigilance​​.

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