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Don’t Be Naive’ Trump and Dr. Phil Criticize NY Felony Conviction, Urge Biden to Halt State Prosecutions


During a gushy one-on-one talk with Donald Trump, Dr. Phil echoed the former president’s claims that Democrats tried to keep him quiet during his recent hush money trial so they wouldn’t affect the 2024 election, even though both Democrats and Trump were against his conviction.

From the start of the interview on Dr. Phil Primetime, it was clear that the host was on his guest’s side and didn’t say much in response to the former president’s lies and claims that have been proven false.

Dr. Phil said of the case against Trump, “They need to stop this.” “They should stop after you.”

The host went on to say that he thought both the case against Trump in New York, which ended with a guilty decision, and the case going on in Georgia right now about the 2020 election conspiracy were secret White House plots, even though they were state cases and were being run by state governments.

“People, don’t be so naive,” Dr. Phil told them. “Be aware that there is a power struggle going on here.”

The host also said that Trump was given a gag order in March during the hush money trial because it was thought he would use his fame to scare witnesses and jurors. They said this was done to “muzzle” the Republican frontrunner.

“The jury is sitting there wondering, ‘What’s the rest of the story?’ when you are silenced like this judge was in this case.” It was said by Dr. Phil that the “scales get tipped.”

Even though he was still under a gag order, Trump didn’t hold back when he attacked the New York decision, saying that the trial was backward and that he was “guilty until proven innocent.”

He was especially angry at Judge Juan Merchan, the official who handled the hush money trial. He called Merchan “so conflicted” and corrupt.

As Trump said in another place, “I’m the Republican nominee.” “I was president, and I’m way ahead of the current Democrat. But a local judge appointed by the Democrat party has told me not to say anything.”

Trump was even upset about the temperature in his New York trial, which he said was “set that way by the judge.”

Trump told Dr. Phil about the trial, “They’ve taken away my voice.” “They locked me up in this icebox and took away my voice.”

The former president also said that the witnesses who testified against him were forced to say bad things about Trump and were threatened. One of those witnesses was Michael Cohen, who used to be his lawyer and manager.

Trump said this about Cohen: “They’ve ruined his life.” His name is Fascist. Phil, these people are really bad.

Both men didn’t agree with the legal idea that Trump could have been prosecuted for something he said on the stand during the hush money trial, but he chose not to appear.

It was raining when you said it was a beautiful day, Trump said. “We’re going to charge you with perjury.”

Dr. Phil replied, “I would have thrown myself in front of a car to stop you from testifying.” He also said, “One of the big myths is that the prosecution has to prove their case.”

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