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Drew Springer Talks About His Call to Reopen Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Case: “The Senate Got Played”!


CNS NewsState Senator Drew Springer has voiced a renewed interest in reopening impeachment proceedings against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. This call comes in the wake of Paxton’s decision to cease contesting a lawsuit tied to whistleblower accusations, a move that Springer interprets as an admission of guilt.

Initially, during the impeachment trial, Springer was not fully convinced of the charges against Paxton but has since revised his stance based on recent developments. Springer’s advocacy for revisiting the impeachment proceedings highlights the complexities of holding high-ranking officials accountable.

Despite the lack of precedent and the procedural hurdles involved, Springer’s initiative has garnered support from his legislative colleagues, signaling a broader concern about Paxton’s actions and their implications for governance in Texas.

The situation underscores the challenges associated with political accountability and the mechanisms available for addressing alleged misconduct by elected officials. Springer’s efforts to reopen the impeachment proceedings reflect a commitment to upholding ethical standards and the rule of law, even in the face of significant political and procedural obstacles.

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