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During Shooting, Model Felt Weird Energy From Person Thought to Be an Ma Movie Slasher or Killer I Need to Go


Massachusetts – A model was seen with a person who was suspected of murdering seven people by cutting them in multiple states.

She said she didn’t feel comfortable around Jared Ravizza, who forced his way into a Beverly Hills photo shoot with her in April of last year.

A man from Connecticut was killed by Ravizza thirteen months later, and six people were stabbed in a Massachusetts movie theater and a McDonald’s before he crashed his car during a police chase.

When Shikhova heard about Ravizza’s supposed crimes, she said, “I’m shocked.” “I just felt like I had to leave, and I made the right choice…” At times like these, I feel so grateful to be alive.

Ravizza was arrested after he crashed his car in Sandwich, Cape Cod. He was charged with armed assault to kill, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and indecent exposure one time.

During his hearing in Plymouth County District Court on Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to all charges. He was then taken to Bridgewater State Hospital to be evaluated by a psychiatrist for the next 20 days.

The charges in Plymouth County come from the alleged attack at a McDonald’s that hurt a woman, 21, and a man, 28.

Four girls between the ages of 9 and 17 were stabbed in a Braintree movie theater without any reason. He is also being charged with several crimes related to this incident.

A criminal case that Fox News Digital got shows that he was charged with four counts of assault to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

His trial would happen in Quincy County District Court, but it would depend on the results of his medical exam. He has to go back to Plymouth County Court on June 17.

Prosecutors say that none of the people hurt in the attacks in Massachusetts were in danger of dying.

Braintree police said that it “appears as though the crimes are related,” but they didn’t say how or why they think that’s the case.

The fight that killed someone in Connecticut also seems strange.

It’s not clear how Ravizza and Feldman knew each other, but several news outlets were told by neighbors that they had seen his black Porsche with darkened windows in the area before.

During a fight with neighbors in Connecticut on Saturday at 3:36 p.m., Ravizza is said to have thrown a shovel through a front door window.

That’s when police arrived and found the man from West Hartford on his front yard with multiple stab wounds.

Police and lawyers say that started the nearly four-hour violent incident in Massachusetts that didn’t seem to have any reason.

The situation that led to the fight is still being looked into. Connecticut state police said charges are still being thought about.

It’s hard to decide how to feel about Feldman, who is divorced and has an adult son. According to The New York Post, Feldman saw himself first as Ravizza’s friend and then as his father.

Ronni Newton, who runs a West Hartford-based online news site, told WFSB that Feldman’s death was “very sad.”

“Friendly, definitely friendly, but in a moody way.” Newton said, “I would call him an odd duck.”

In an interview with The Post, his ex-wife Julie Feldman said the same thing.

“It’s all very shocking…” Julie Feldman told the newspaper, “We were together for a very, very long time.” The newspaper said she had to hold back tears.

Joseph Ostering, a neighbor, said he wasn’t sure if the shovel incident happened before or after Feldman’s death. He said Ravizza threw the shovel through the window of another neighbor, not Feldman’s.

They told The Post that Feldman “was a strange duck” and Ravizza “clearly had a clear mental health break.”

When she got back to the model, Shikhova finished her Instagram story by saying, “It’s just so cruel.” She was right.

“There are lots of crazy people around. A lot of crazy things are going on. “Being alive is a real gift.”

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