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East Texas Mall Lights Up the Holidays with Santa’s Parade Extravaganza!


A “jolly visitor” from the north shows up at an East Texas mall, which is a sure sign that the holiday season is well underway. The arrival at the Longview Mall also gives people more hope that it will become a popular place to shop again. They were happy to see that the parking lot was full, for the mall’s first of a series of events.

Kelly Overby, the manager of the mall, says, “We’re looking forward to a big year. If yesterday is any indication, we had a great day.” ‘Mister Kringle’ showed up early Saturday morning on top of an old fire engine, and he took his place in the middle of the court to meet kids of all ages.

There is a lot here for parents to learn. The man with the beard and the red suit says, “We’ll see tears of joy in their eyes. These are traditions that will last a lifetime.” “I love giving and I love it.” Because Christmas is all about that. Giving and making other people happy.

East Texas Mall Lights Up the Holidays with Santa's Parade Extravaganza!

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Shopping in Hallsville is fun for Paula Gill. “I love shopping and getting Christmas gifts for my grandchildren and for everyone else,” she says. The “Covid” age and the rise of online shopping have had an effect on malls. To keep shopping, we need people to come out.

We want to keep the Longview Mall where it has been since it opened in 1978. A few of our stores are managed and run by people in the same area. “And know this: when you shop locally, you help your neighborhood,” says Overby. With more things to do, the hope is that people will keep coming back and making experiences that will last a lifetime.

East Texas Mall Lights Up the Holidays with Santa's Parade Extravaganza!

“The desire to help others, to be happy, and a bit of our childhood that stays with us.” I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, says Santa Claus. The Longview Mall will have its “tree lighting” ceremony next Saturday at 5:30 pm. There will be food vendors and games for kids.

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