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Exciting News: International Flavors Coming to McDonald’s Across New York!


CNS NewsMcDonald’s is adding foreign flavor to New York. McDonald’s in Buffalo, Poughkeepsie, Albany, and Manhattan appear similar. We’re used to the same menu and restaurant decor, so it’s easy to forget that the fast food business has thousands of variations worldwide.

I saw the craziest McDonald’s in Aruba recently. In a bustling retail area was a red and yellow hut with the restaurant’s logo. This McDonald’s didn’t provide fries or burgers. It served just sweets. The little window sold ice cream, McFlurries, and other sweets. This was unprecedented in the US.

Dessert kiosks are found in Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, and Turkey. McDonald’s Bringing Foreign Flavor to NYS. In response to its global success, McDonald’s is adding a new taste to its menu.
McDonald’s New York State establishments will join WcDonald’s.

If you don’t like anime, you may not know WcDonald’s. Anime films and TV shows often mock McDonald’s using the fictional restaurant brand. McDonald’s is releasing a series of stories, beautiful packaging, and a daring new sauce flavor with popular anime producers.

McDonald’s Enters NY State

Exciting News: International Flavors Coming to McDonald's Across New York!

Fans of anime can enjoy monthly animated shorts via special scannable codes and vivid packaging designed by legendary Japanese manga artist/illustrator Acky Bright, but most consumers will want to try the new WcDonald’s Sauce.

A limited-time taste can be bought with “WcNuggets” or any other menu item. McDonald’s Savory Chili Sauce is “a combination of ginger, garlic, and soy with a slight heat from chili flakes.” McDonald’s says the new flavor embodies the “bold, dynamic spirit of your favorite anime heroes”.

McDonald’s in New York will start selling the new sauce and other promotions on Monday, February 21.
It was built in 1795 for the Long Island Denton family, who founded Hempstead. Old farmhouse from the 18th century. McDonald’s bought the residence in 1985 to demo and build a fast-food restaurant.

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Exciting News: International Flavors Coming to McDonald's Across New York!

According to Atlas Obscura, Hempstead residents tried to save the historic mansion. McDonald’s built a drive-thru lane in exchange for restoring the home. This amazing McDonald’s is called the Denton House or McMansion!

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