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Exposed: Special Monitor Alleges Trump Lied About a $48 Million Loan, Could This Be Tax Evasion?


CNS NewsA recent revelation by a court-appointed special monitor, former federal judge Barbara Jones, has cast a spotlight on Donald Trump’s financial dealings, suggesting possible tax evasion linked to a disputed $48 million loan. The disclosure emerged from a detailed letter updating the Manhattan Supreme Court on Jones’ ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization’s business practices.

Jones’ letter, while outlining various inconsistencies and errors in the financial disclosures from Trump’s camp, noted a particularly contentious point regarding a $48 million loan claimed by Trump. The loan, which had been consistently listed in financial disclosures, was later acknowledged by the Trump Organization as non-existent, raising serious questions about the integrity of past filings and the potential for tax evasion.

This $48 million loan has been a subject of scrutiny and speculation for years, with Trump previously stating that he had acquired an outstanding loan from banks and chose to keep it active, paying interest to himself.  The practice, known as debt parking, skirts the edge of legality, dependent on the borrower’s intent to repay the loan. However, the recent admission that the loan ‘never existed’ adds a new layer of complexity to Trump’s financial saga, suggesting deliberate misrepresentation.

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The implications of these findings are profound, not only for Trump but for the broader political and regulatory landscape. The allegation of tax evasion, if substantiated, could have significant legal repercussions for Trump and raise further questions about the transparency and accountability of high-profile business figures.

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