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Exposed: Texas 2 Companies Caught in Biden Robocall Ruckus, AG Says!


CNS NewsIn a recent announcement that has sent ripples through the political and legal landscapes of New Hampshire, Attorney General John Formella revealed a complex investigation into a series of deceptive robocalls, ostensibly from President Biden, that was disseminated shortly before the state’s presidential primary.

This intricate case involves two Texas-based companies, Life Corporation, and Lingo Telecom, and highlights the growing concerns surrounding electoral integrity and the misuse of technology in undermining democratic processes. The robocalls, which reached an estimated 5,000 to 25,000 individuals, were dispatched on January 21, just two days before the New Hampshire Primary on January 23.

Crafted to mimic President Biden’s voice through AI technology, the messages sought to dissuade voters by suggesting that participating in the Tuesday primary would inadvertently support Republican efforts to re-elect Donald Trump. The recording specifically stated, “Voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again.

Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday,” thereby attempting to diminish voter turnout under pretenses. The Attorney General’s office has not yet filed charges against Walter Monk, the owner of Life Corporation, but has confirmed that a criminal investigation is actively underway.

This includes the issuance of a cease and desist order to halt the operations contributing to these deceptive practices, alongside the distribution of document preservation notifications and subpoenas to gather further evidence. The legal ramifications of this case are significant, with potential charges being considered as Class B felonies.

This indicates the seriousness with which New Hampshire authorities are treating the matter, recognizing the profound impact such actions could have on the sanctity of the electoral process. Furthermore, the investigation is not limited to state statutes alone; federal charges are also a possibility, underscoring the potential for broad legal consequences for those involved.

In a parallel move, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a cease and desist order to Lingo Telecom, identified as the originating voice service provider of the misleading calls. This decisive action demonstrates the collaborative effort between state and federal agencies to address and mitigate threats to electoral integrity.

Following notification of the investigation, Lingo Telecom took proactive steps by suspending its services to Life Corporation, reflecting the company’s compliance with ongoing legal processes. Attorney General Formella’s statements emphasize the paramount importance of maintaining public trust in the electoral system.

Exposed: Texas 2 Companies Caught in Biden Robocall Ruckus, AG Says!

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The concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies at both state and federal levels highlight a unified stance against any attempts to undermine elections, with a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated. This case serves as a stark warning to individuals and entities contemplating similar disruptive tactics, signaling that the repercussions of undermining democratic processes will be severe and far-reaching.

Despite the robocall campaign, the New Hampshire Primary proceeded, with President Biden, not an official candidate on the ballot, still emerging as a notable figure due to a write-in campaign by Democrats. This outcome illustrates the resilience of the electoral process and the dedication of voters to participate actively and thoughtfully in their civic duties.

The Attorney General’s office is taking a firm stance to ensure that AI-generated robocalls do not become a commonplace tactic in future elections. The stern warning issued by Formella serves both as a deterrent and a commitment to uphold the rule of law, ensuring that any attempts to disrupt or manipulate electoral proceedings will be met with decisive legal action.

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