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Family Clings to Hope Amid Ongoing Search Efforts for Missing Woman at Lake Greenwood


A woman fell while tubing in Lake Greenwood over the weekend. On Monday, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources continued its search for her.

The woman’s family said her name is Porsha Griffin, and she is a 30-year-old Staff Sergeant in the South Carolina National Guard. Griffin’s mother, Amicka, said they are still hoping to find her, but all they can do is wait.

Griffin’s mom said it all began with a phone call.

“They asked me if I was sitting down. Are you okay? Just tell me what’s wrong now. “Something is wrong if you’re asking me this,” Amicka Griffin said.

Griffin was then told that her daughter Porsha was not with her.

The thought of that made me sick. Folks told me my daughter was gone. I asked what went wrong and where they were missing. What do you mean by “not”? Griffin said, “Well, they went on a boat ride.” “They took a boat ride.” They went tube riding, and two of them were on the tube when she fell off and didn’t come back up.

According to the SCDNR’s first report, it looks like life jackets were not being worn at the time of the accident.

Griffin hasn’t been seen since Saturday, so her mother has had to wait and hope.

“Waiting is the most-worse part of this whole situation,” he said. “When are you going to find it?” Are we going to ever find it? How long will it stay a secret while we wait and try again?”

The families of a mother, a registered nurse, and a soldier in the South Carolina National Guard are now praying and hoping that things will get better.

“She wanted a reunion, but I didn’t want it to be this kind of reunion,” he said.

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