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Father Engages in Shootout with Robbers Outside Home While Five Daughters Sleep Inside


A “preliminary investigation indicates that one of the offenders fired at the homeowner, and the homeowner returned fire,” the Winnetka Police Department said.

A father of five children says that someone tried to steal his car, which led to a shootout outside his house.

The event happened in the 400 block of Sheridan Road around 5 a.m. on Monday, May 27. This is what the Winnetka Police Department of Illinois said on their Facebook page.

ABC7 Chicago talked to the homeowner, who said he was asleep when he heard his car start up outside. When he ran out of his house, he saw three unknown people trying to steal two of his cars, a Range Rover and a Maserati.

He told the news outlet that the thieves broke into his front office and stole his car keys from the garage.

He said he walked up to the suspects, told them to stop, and threatened to shoot them. He did this while his five girls were sleeping inside the house. His story to ABC7 Chicago was that a suspect shot at him from the street, and he shot back.

In their update, the Winnetka Police Department confirmed that “a preliminary investigation indicates that one of the offenders fired at the homeowner, and the homeowner returned fire.”

Reports say that no one was hurt, but two of the suspects left the scene of the crime in an unknown car, and the third left on foot.

The police say that one of the suspects, who might be a man, was “wearing a black mask, dark hoodie, dark athletic pants, and athletic shoes.” The other person, who might have been a man too, was “wearing a black mask, a white hoodie, and dark pants.”

The third suspect is thought to be driving a silver Audi Seda with four doors. His or her race and sex are unknown.

Police said Monday’s event was “isolated,” but Tim Connell, who lives nearby, said he is “a bit concerned.”

I found it strange that someone would fire a gun, and it does worry me a little. I would never want to walk into or be near something like that. “But I didn’t think it would happen,” he told ABC7 Chicago. “This is very unexpected I would probably just let them take the car and worry about it later.”

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