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Florida Man Forgot His Phone in The Restroom at Walmart. A Stranger Made a Bomb Threat with It.


CNS NewsIn a bizarre twist of events, a Florida man, Coty J. Clements, was arrested after using a phone found in a Walmart bathroom to call in a fake bomb threat. This incident unfolded in Port Charlotte, about 37 miles from Fort Myers, and resulted in Clements’ arrest by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Clements, 28, from North Port, was inspired by similar pranks seen on TikTok. He called 911, alleging a bomb inside the store, and hung up, only to taunt the dispatchers with a “Tick tock, tick tock” upon callback. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office conducted a thorough search of the Walmart and connected with the phone’s owner, who had accidentally left his phone in the restroom.

Using his Bluetooth watch, the owner realized 911 was trying to contact him and helped locate the phone. Security footage from Walmart corroborated the sequence of events, showing Clements entering the restroom after the phone’s owner and making the threat during that time.

Clements, after leaving and reentering the store, was apprehended by deputies. He admitted to the hoax, influenced by TikTok videos. Charged with a felony for the false bomb threat, Clements was released on a $15,000 bond.

Florida Man Forgot His Phone in The Restroom at Walmart. A Stranger Made a Bomb Threat with It.

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Sheriff Bill Prummell emphasized the gravity of such threats, praising the swift response of the dispatchers and deputies in ensuring public safety, despite the threat being a hoax. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of online pranks and the responsibility of using social media platforms wisely.

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