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Florida Police “Arrest” a Bothersome Alligator at the Home of a 104-year-old Woman


Florida police recently made a crazy “arrest” at the home of a 104-year-old woman who had a 5-foot-long snake visit.

The video of the incident was shared on Facebook by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office after two officers were called to a resident’s property to remove an annoying alligator.

The PIO for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told Fox News Digital that the citizen was afraid to leave her house because of the alligator and had called the police.

During the meeting, the officers made funny comments to the alligator.

“Oh, hey buddy!” What Officer Jeff Kopp says can be heard as the alligator swats its tail to try to get away.

The PIO said that a qualified trapper was called and helped the Jacksonville police get rid of the animal.

Kopp laughed, “We can’t handcuff him.” “You are being held.” “You’ll leave the grandmothers alone.”

Adding, “I’m going to take you downtown,” “Let’s go.”

The alligator was held down in the back of Kopp’s truck as if he were taking it back to the station.

The PIO officer then said that the gator was taken from the old man’s house to the trapper’s car.

“Alive and well,” the Facebook post said, the alligator is now where the trapper put it.

“All in a day’s work,” it said in the post.

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