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Florida Woman Arrested After Kids Got Sick From “Unicorn Milkshakes” Made with THC Gummies!


CNS NewsDeputies arrested Myrlande St. Fery, 34, of Stock Island, South Florida, after she left THC gummies within reach of three children, leading them to use the gummies as an ingredient in homemade “unicorn milkshakes” and ending up in the hospital. St. Fery is facing three felony child neglect charges following her arrest on Sunday.

The incident occurred when the children, aged 7, 8, and 9, who reside with St. Fery, managed to access the THC gummies labeled “Giggle Gummies” and “Lullaby Night Berry 40 Sleep Gummies.” St. Fery had found the gummies at the hotel where she works, brought them home, and placed them at the top of a bunk bed in the room where the family sleeps.

One of the children attempted to grab the gummies off the top bunk, but St. Fery stopped them, saying they “make people sleepy.” However, the children managed to get hold of them on Sunday and made the “unicorn milkshakes” with vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and gummies.

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Although one child spit out the first milkshake, they later added more gummies to the mix and found the milkshakes palatable. Soon after consuming the milkshakes, the children started feeling “sick and weird” and informed their mother. One of the children had a “droopy” eye and was feeling tired.

The children’s mother called for an ambulance after one of the children “began to medically decline.” Fortunately, the children did not suffer any life-threatening medical conditions. St. Fery was held without bond in the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office’s Key West jail facility as of Monday morning, according to online records.

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