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Franky Venegas of the Island Boys Was Arrested in Florida for Driving While Impaired


Franky Venegas, one-half of the famous hip-hop group The Island Boys, was caught driving while impaired in Florida.

His twin brother Alex is also a famous TikTok star. The marked star was arrested in Fort Lauderdale on Friday and taken to the Broward County Jail.

Three charges were brought against Franky: driving a car without a license, giving a police officer a fake ID, and driving recklessly.

Specifics about what Franky is said to have done were not available right away, but we have asked the police for information.

Franky has been in trouble with the cops before. That was in 2023. Franky was caught by cops after hitting his girlfriend and pushing her into a pool at their Pompano Beach Airbnb.

She told the police about him. Venegas hit her after she said she would end their relationship because he was being rude. She was hurt on her chin, legs, and arms, so she was taken to a nearby hospital and treated. Franky was first arrested for abuse, but the charges were later dropped.

You may know that Franky and Alex started their rap career on social media in 2021 by sharing videos of themselves rhyming. They had tattoos and diamond teeth that made them stand out. A lot of people know them for the song “I’m an Island Boy.”

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