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Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star Is “A Show,” According to Texas Soldiers!


CNS NewsTexas’ Operation Lone Star, initiated by Governor Greg Abbott, has been a topic of heated debate due to its approach to border security and its impact on migrants. The operation, which involves the deployment of state law enforcement and Texas National Guard soldiers along the Texas-Mexico border, aims to deter illegal crossings and combat drug and human trafficking.

However, several soldiers participating in the operation have voiced concerns, suggesting that it might be more of a political spectacle than an effective security measure. These soldiers, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, have raised ethical and operational questions about the use of concertina wire and other militarized tactics, which they argue dehumanize migrants and divert resources from more pressing security needs.

The operation’s focus on creating a visible show of force, including the strategic placement of barriers and the criminalization of migrants for trespassing, has led to criticisms of its humanitarian and practical implications. Critics argue that while Operation Lone Star may serve to project an image of stringent border control, it does little to address the root causes of migration or to provide a sustainable solution to border security challenges.

Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star Is "A Show," According to Texas Soldiers!

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The operation’s heavy reliance on visual deterrents and the legal ambiguity surrounding the deployment of military personnel in domestic law enforcement roles have further fueled the controversy.

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