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Grieving Mother Speaks Out After Teen Rapper’s Tragic Death by Self-Inflicted Gunshot: ‘I Just Want My Baby Back


The Suffolk Police Department says that the shooting may have been an accident based on their early probe.

The mother of a 17-year-old boy from Virginia who went by the social media name Rylo Huncho is coming out after her son died soon after being caught on video holding a gun.

The Suffolk Police Department told PEOPLE on May 21 that the shooting happened on May 15 at 10:11 p.m. and “involved a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” The teen, who died at a local hospital, has not been named by cops, but his family said his name was Raleigh Freeman III.

“The preliminary investigation conducted by the Suffolk Police Department indicates that this incident may have been accidental in nature,” officials said, adding that the investigation is still going on.

“I want my child back so badly.” “That’s all I want,” mom Monica Savage said. “I miss my child.”

Reporters from WVEC and WAVY, an NBC affiliate, say that his mother found her son on the floor when she got home from work and saw him carrying a gun, pointing it at himself, and pulling the trigger.

His mom told the news source, “I didn’t know he had a gun.” “When I got home, I saw him covered in blood, and I ran to save my son’s life.”

This boy’s mom told WVEC that her son had “some nice songs” and was a good rapper.

His family started a GoFundMe page to help Savage. As of May 22, the page had raised almost $6,000 as of that date.

“He was her only son,” the person in charge of the fundraiser wrote. “She was a single parent but took care of [him] the best she could.”

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His death notice says that there will be a memorial service and a celebration of his life on Friday, May 24.

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