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Hackettstown Police Alert: Protect Your Parcels from Porch Pirates This Season!


In a recent incident that has left the Hackettstown community on high alert, a brazen theft occurred in broad daylight on Musky Ridge Drive. At approximately 1:30 p.m., a thief targeted a home, making away with a package valued at $3,000. The act, captured on the homeowner’s security camera, has spurred the Hackettstown Police Department into action, as they intensify efforts to apprehend the suspect.

This incident underscores a growing concern as the holiday season approaches: porch piracy. As online shopping surges, so does the opportunity for such crimes. The Hackettstown Police Department has responded proactively, not only by seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect but also by offering valuable tips to mitigate the risk of package theft.

One of the key strategies suggested by the authorities is the utilization of delivery alerts. These notifications can provide homeowners with real-time updates on their package’s status, enabling them to arrange for immediate retrieval upon delivery.

Hackettstown Police Alert: Protect Your Parcels from Porch Pirates This Season!

Another measure is the requirement of signatures for deliveries, ensuring that packages aren’t left unattended and vulnerable. In a similar vein, Gloucester Township police have adopted an innovative approach to combat porch piracy. They have employed “bait packages” equipped with GPS trackers, a tactic aimed at deterring thieves and catching them in the act.

As the holiday season is synonymous with a spike in deliveries, it’s crucial to adopt these preventative measures. Statistically, the increase in online shopping during this period correlates with a rise in package theft incidents. The Hackettstown Police Department’s initiative to educate the public and provide actionable tips is a commendable step towards ensuring a safer holiday season for the community.

The department urges anyone with information regarding the recent theft on Musky Ridge Drive to come forward. Community involvement is pivotal in not only solving this case but also in creating a deterrent effect against potential porch pirates.

Hackettstown Police Alert: Protect Your Parcels from Porch Pirates This Season!

In summary, as we navigate the busiest shopping season of the year, it’s imperative to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding our deliveries. The collaborative effort between law enforcement and the community is the cornerstone of ensuring a joyous and secure holiday season for all.

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