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Heated Discussion: Public schools in Tennessee would be subject to a new law that would outlaw the flying of the Pride flag.


cheapnailsalonsnearme- A bill in Tennessee, HB1605, has caused a lot of disagreement among people. If the bill is passed, it will be against the law for public school classes to fly any flag but the U.S. and Tennessee state flags. This would mean that Pride and Transgender flags could not be flown at any local school or public-private school.

People have different opinions about the plan that Rep. Gina Bulso is pushing. Some say it violates people’s First Amendment rights, while others say there should be limits on what can be shown in schools. The bill was put in for presentation on November 15, 2023.

Public Opinion

The public’s reaction to the proposed bill is mixed. Some readers strongly back it, while others are strongly against it.

A good number of people think that schools should only be about teaching and that any political or social flags, including the Pride flag, shouldn’t be carried. They say that the American flag, the state flag, and maybe the school flag are the only symbols that should fly in schools.

Outlaw the Flying of The Pride Flag

“Basic education should be the main focus of schools.” Kids are finishing high school without being able to do simple math.

“I agree with Bill on everything.” Three flags should fly over schools. First, the American flag. Next, the flag of your state. Finally, if there is one, the flag of your school. There shouldn’t be any party flags out.

On the other hand, some readers think the bill would limit their right to free speech and opinion. They say that if the Pride flag is banned, then other symbols, like crosses and religious clothing, should also be banned.

“No flag of pride?” There should be no crosses or any other sacred clothing. “There is no American flag.”

“Whatever happened to freedom of speech.”

Some readers are worried about the state’s goals, saying that there are more important problems that need to be fixed, like Medicaid and homelessness. It’s not like our state cares about a gay flag when it comes to Medicaid problems and people being homeless. Why not make bills that will help people who are just barely getting by and expand Medicaid?

There are clear differences in how people feel about the suggested bill. Some people think it’s necessary to keep the focus on education and avoid political shows that aren’t needed, but others think it’s an attack on their right to free speech and expression. Some readers also question the state’s goals, saying that there are more important problems that need to be fixed right away.

What Do You Think?

We want our readers to tell us what they think about this. Do you agree with the bill that was put forward? Are you against it because you think it limits your right to free speech? Tell us what you think.

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