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House Republican Proposes Reimbursement for Texas’ Roughly $4 Billion Border Security Spending!


CNS NewsIn a legislative move aimed at addressing the financial burden of border security, Republican Rep. Roger Williams introduced the “Operation Lone Star Reimbursement Act.” This proposed bill seeks to compensate the state of Texas for the nearly $4 billion it has allocated toward securing the southern border from 2020 through 2023.

The bill underscores the federal government’s primary responsibility for border security and criticizes its perceived inaction, which has compelled Texas to undertake substantial financial commitments to maintain national safety. The bill details the extensive resources Texas has dedicated to border security efforts, with expenditures surpassing $800 million in 2020 and 2021, and an additional $2.926 billion allocated in 2022 and 2023.

Furthermore, Texas anticipates spending an extra $4.6 billion for the same purpose in the subsequent two years. Under the proposed legislation, Texas would be required to formally request reimbursement from the Department of Homeland Security and the Treasury Department.

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If enacted, the bill mandates that the Treasury secretary reimburse Texas within 60 days of the application, covering the total expenses incurred in border security measures. Rep. Williams criticized President Biden’s handling of border security, framing the bill as a necessary intervention to relieve Texas taxpayers of the financial strain imposed by the federal government’s shortcomings.

The bill’s introduction comes amid ongoing tensions between Texas and the Biden administration over border management policies, further highlighted by legal confrontations and political disputes over immigration enforcement strategies.

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