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In Chicago, Cicada Bugs Will Get an STD That Turns Them Into “Zombies” and Makes Their Genitalia Fall Off


John Cooley, an entomologist, said of the situation, “This is a sexually transmitted zombie disease.” It can’t be passed on to people.

Soon, cicadas in Chicago will have to deal with a huge health issue.

Several news sources said that insects in the area are likely to get a sexually transmitted disease that will make them turn into “zombies” and make their genitalia fall off.

WGN 9 says that the problems are caused by a white fungus called Massospora cicadina that affects male cicadas.

The fungus only affects 13- and 17-year monthly cicadas, according to the news source. It has already spread to cicadas in Champaign. Jim Louderman, a collections helper at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, told WGN 9 that it will likely hit the Chicago area next.

The University of Connecticut says the illness “turns infected cicadas into ‘zombie insects’ that disperse more fungus by causing males infected with Stage I to produce wing-flick signals as if they were females — making them highly attractive to cicadas of both sexes.”

According to John Cooley, an entomologist at the school, the situation is “even stranger than science fiction.” He also said, “This is a sexually transmitted zombie disease.”

He went on, “They’re completely at the mercy of the fungus.” “They look like they’re dead.”

Besides that, he said that the fungus makes birds that eat sick cicadas “hallucinate.”

This year, Brood XIII, which is made up of cicadas that live for 17 years, and Brood XIX, which is made up of cicadas that live for 13 years, are coming out.

The two broods will be above ground at the same time for the first time in 221 years.

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