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In Elkridge, Maryland, a Triple Murder and Suicide Seem to Have Killed Four Family Members and Seriously Hurt One


Authorities in Maryland are investigating what they think was a triple murder-suicide at a home late Thursday night. Four family members were killed and a fifth was seriously hurt.

From what the Howard County Police Department says, the killings happened at a house in Elkridge, a town 14 miles southwest of Baltimore.

On Friday, police named Nayyar Abbas Syed, 61, as the person they think shot the person.

US police told USA TODAY that the suspect’s wife, Syeda Aalia Nayyar, 57, daughter, Syeda Fatima, 25, and daughter-in-law, Alizey Fatima, 33, were all declared dead at the scene.

Authorities say that the suspect’s son, Muhammad Ali Hamza, 31, was seriously hurt and had to be taken to the hospital.

Gunshots were heard by neighbors.
Around 10 p.m., cops went to the house after getting several 911 calls from people in the area saying they heard gunshots.

Police said that the man also called 911 to say that he had killed his family and was going to kill himself.

Police said that when they got to the house, they found the three women dead and Syed and his 31-year-old son seriously hurt.

Officials say Syed was taken to the hospital in very bad shape and was declared dead early Friday morning.

Police said Syed did not live at the house at the time of the killing.

Aunt’s 3-year-old niece was found inside the house healthy.
Police said they found the suspect’s healthy 3-month-old niece in the house.

“She got a checkup at the hospital and will be given to a family member to care for,” cops said in a news release Friday.

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