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Is It Against the Law in Maryland to Leave Your Dog Chained Outside? This Is What the Law Says!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeMany families in Maryland love their dogs because they are loyal friends and lovers who never judge. But making sure they are happy and healthy means more than just showing affection; it also means meeting their physical and mental needs. Tethering or chaining dogs outside is a practice that has been getting a lot of attention lately.

It might look like a safe way to keep a pet inside, but the legal and moral issues that come up with this need to be carefully thought through. The point of this piece is to explain the laws in Maryland about putting dogs on chains outside. It will do this by looking at both the current laws and the animal welfare issues that come up with this practice.

Maryland’s Laws and Rules About Animal Welfare

Maryland cares about animal safety and has many laws and rules in place to protect animals from being abused or neglected. Part 21-501 of the Maryland Code, also called the Animal Welfare Act, is the main law that protects animals. This law sets the basic standards for how animals should be cared for and treated. It has rules about tethering and chaining animals.

The law says in Section 21-501(f)(1) that it is illegal to tie up or confine a dog or cat outside for more than 24 hours in 72 hours unless the animal is:

  • with the owner or the owner’s designee
  • with easy access to shelter from the weather and a steady supply of potable water. This part of the law limits the amount of time a dog can be chained outside and sets base standards for making sure their basic needs are met.

There are, however, some exceptions and limits. For instance, dogs that are used to hunt or protect animals are not limited to 24 hours, as long as they have a safe place to stay and water. You can also tether your dog for short periods for training or exercise, as long as the dog’s basic needs are met and the time is acceptable.

Concerns About Animal Welfare and Ethical Issues

Is It Against the Law in Maryland to Leave Your Dog Chained Outside? This Is What the Law Says!

The law spells out the legal limits of tethering dogs outside, but the moral effects of this practice should be thought about more. When you chain a dog up for long amounts of time, it can hurt their physical and mental health.

Physical Concerns:

  • Exposure to the elements: Dogs that are chained up can’t get to a good place to stay out of the elements, so they are exposed to extreme weather like sweltering heat, cold, and heavy rain. You could get heatstroke, fever, dehydration, or other illnesses if you do this.
  • Restricted movement: A chain makes it hard for a dog to move around, which goes against its normal desire to run, play, and explore. This can cause muscles to lose mass, joint pain, and general physical decline.
  • Lack of socialization: Dogs that are chained up often feel lonely because they can’t connect with people or other animals as much as they need to. This can make people act badly, causing issues like sadness, anger, and anxiety.

Concerns About Animal Welfare and Ethical Issues:

  • Boredom and frustration: Dogs can get bored and angry when they are chained because they don’t get to do anything new. This can show up as destructive behavior, yelling too much, or hurting oneself.
  • Fear and anxiety: Dogs can get scared and anxious when they feel like they are being held back and left out in the open. This can lead to more stress, shaking, and acting like they’re hiding.
  • Loss of trust and companionship: Putting a dog on a chain can hurt the bond between the dog and its owner. It can be hard to trust and feel like you have a friend when you feel like you are being ignored or abandoned.

Other Ways to Keep Dogs Outside Without Chains

Luckily, responsible pet ownership gives people many options besides chaining dogs outside that put the dogs’ health and happiness first. Here are some good choices:

Is It Against the Law in Maryland to Leave Your Dog Chained Outside? This Is What the Law Says!

  • Secure enclosures: Dogs can run free within a safe limit while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine if you give them a fenced-in yard or a secure outdoor kennel. Compared to chaining, this makes their physical and mental health a lot better.
  • Dog walking services: If you can’t have a fenced-in yard, you can get your furry friend the exercise and socialization it needs by hiring professional dog walkers or going for walks with your pet every day.
  • Pet care alternatives: If you have to be away for a long time, you might want to look into boarding centers or pet sitters. Your dog will be taken care of while you’re away if you choose responsible options.

Enforcing the Law and Reporting Violations

There are things you can do to make sure a dog is safe if you see someone chaining them outside, which is against Maryland’s Animal Welfare Act. Do these things:

  • Contact animal control: Animal control officials are mainly in charge of making sure that animal welfare rules are followed. Reporting possible violations makes sure that they are looked into and that someone may step in.
  • Gather evidence: If you can, take pictures or movies of the dog that is chained up and the area around it. Animal control officials may be able to use this paperwork as proof.
  • Act responsibly: Do not talk to the dog’s owner directly or try to free the dog yourself. Professionals should do these kinds of things to make sure they are safe and handled correctly.

Remember that working for the protection of animals is a job that everyone should do. We can make Maryland a better and more humane place for dogs by reporting violations and encouraging responsible pet ownership.

Is It Against the Law in Maryland to Leave Your Dog Chained Outside? This Is What the Law Says!


In Maryland, it may not always be illegal to chain dogs outside, but the moral issues are greater than any perceived convenience. To put our dogs’ health first, we need to make sure they have a safe place to live, plenty of exercise, and lots of friends.

We are committed to giving the dogs we love a happy and full life by investing in responsible pet ownership options. We can make sure that every dog in Maryland has the chance to do well by understanding the law, addressing the moral issues, and looking into other options that might work.

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