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Jill Stein’s Third-party Run for Office Could Cost Biden Votes in Pennsylvania


The Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s team said she’s almost met Pennsylvania’s requirements to be on the 2024 election ballot. This means the long-shot presidential candidate is getting closer to beating her opponents, most likely Vice President Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner was told by Stein’s team that she is only a few hundred votes away from getting the 5,000 signatures she needs to get on the presidential ballot in Pennsylvania by the August 1 deadline. The race for president in Pennsylvania is likely to be one of the closest.

Alex Casper, secretary of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, said they don’t plan to stop at 5,000 signatures. He said that Democrats and Republicans have a history of “being harsh in Pennsylvania” against people’s rights to run for office and sign petitions. The group wants to get 10,000 signatures by July 27.

Casper told the Washington Examiner, “We are sure that if we keep up our volunteer work, we will be on the ballot this time.” “We need all our boots on the ground to take down the duopoly’s regime at the ballot.”

The Green Party ran candidates in Pennsylvania in 2012 and 2016, and they also tried to run a write-in campaign in 2020, but it didn’t work out.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 2016, was annoyed by Stein’s third-party campaign. She said the doctor took important votes away from her and helped Republicans and former President Donald Trump win the election.

Stein got 49,941 votes in Pennsylvania in 2016, but Clinton lost that state by 44,292. Biden won Pennsylvania by 1.2% in 2020.

There will likely be a lot of close races, so the Democratic National Committee has put together a special team to make sure that Clinton doesn’t lose again like she did in 2016.

The DNC put together its first team to fight third-party and independent candidates. It was led by top leaders Ramsey Reid, Mary Beth Cahill, and Lis Smith.

Stein is running on a platform that includes ending “the endless war machine” and calling for a ceasefire in Israel. She wants to adopt the Green New Deal, wipe out student debt, and create an economic bill of rights.

Stein got a lot of attention in April when she was charged with hitting a police officer at a protest for the Palestinian cause. Stein has made it clear that she supports Gaza, even though this is controversial, and has made a name for herself as a strong Jewish supporter of Gaza.

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